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How does home space choose the ceiling and chandelier?

2017/04/26 14:42
Chandelierandceilinglampisthechoiceofthenextfamilymorethantwotypesoflighting,manypeopledonotknowwhentobuywhattobuy.Xiaobiantodaytointroducechandeliersandceilinglamps,andtheyfitwiththespace. 1.chandeli
   Chandelier and ceiling lamp is the choice of the next family more than two types of lighting, many people do not know when to buy what to buy. Xiaobian today to introduce chandeliers and ceiling lamps, and they fit with the space.
1. chandelier beautiful, suitable for the living room
   Users who buy chandeliers are often shaped by grass, which emphasizes aesthetics and decor. Chandelier pattern is very much, commonly used in European candlestick chandeliers, Chinese chandeliers, crystal chandeliers and so on.
   The single chandelier for bedroom, restaurant, long chandelier generally installed in the living room to play the effect of beautification. Also need to pay attention to is: chandelier installation height from the ground can not be less than 2.2 meters.
   Of course, the current market of modern simple models of chandeliers are numerous, not limited to the living room area, for the selection of the room is also large, all lines can choose.
   Crystal lamp is also one of the preferences of the vast number of consumers, but we need to pay attention to the purchase of identification, crystal material, the effect of different light and shadow must be different.
2. the practical advantages of ceiling lamps, invincible universal
   Ceiling light is not limited by the space, relative to the chandelier, the ceiling is more practical. Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, storage room and even aisle, ceiling lamps can play a huge advantage.
   LED ceiling lamp is the lighting or embedded in the ceiling ceiling lighting, is the main indoor lighting equipment, home, office, entertainment and other places often used lamps. General diameter of about 200mm ceiling lamp suitable for use in the walkway, bathroom, and the diameter of 400mm is not less than 16 square meters at the top of the room is appropriate.
   Ceiling lamps are commonly used square hood ceiling lamps, ball ceiling lamps, pointed flat round ceiling lamps, semi-spherical ceiling lamps, semi-flat ball ceiling lamps, small square hood ceiling lamps and so on.
   Many friends in the decoration of the last step to choose lighting is very confused, Xiao Bian Tip: According to the actual situation to choose the ceiling or chandelier Oh.
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