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6 large lighting selection Cheats

2017/04/26 14:41
    Lighting is an important part of making rich changes in home space. "To Design space is to design light." It is a famous saying by Louis Mordon Kahn, emphasizing the importance of light for spatial expressions. Its natural light, the artificial light source can also increase the level of indoor atmosphere. If the lamp selection error, may produce unexpected style, the demand does not match or even hurt the situation of vision, this choice for the lighting style, with the configuration for you to solve the troubled!
What should the use of chandeliers, semi-chandeliers, when the use of ceiling lamps?
    Depending on the height of the house. Recommended height of more than 3 meters and then consider the installation of chandeliers, less than 2.7 meters Zeyi mainly to the ceiling, otherwise it will produce oppression, line of sight obstacles, light and other issues too close. In principle, guest, restaurant suitable for chandeliers; bedroom, kitchen, bathroom suitable for ceiling lamps.
The following are the same as the "
The kitchen is equipped with lumen, which is quite convenient for cooking. The following are the same as the "
    Select the table chandelier, the distance between the lamp and the desktop should be 100 to 120 cm between the most comfortable, and the use of the following yellow light 3000K to make food look more delicious.
How to decide whether my home to use direct lighting or indirect lighting?
    Depending on the occupants' demand for each situation or the difficulty of cleaning. We Asian people on the high demand for lighting, more direct lighting, but also appropriate to indirect lighting assistance, it is recommended to house lighting conditions into account in order to take into account the age and habits of the occupants of different circumstances or functions. Usually in our Asian countries mostly in the living room with a main light to achieve direct lighting effects, and according to the demand with a fence or table lamp. In the ceiling design to join the indirect lighting, you can create a warm situation, it is recommended to separate the circuit or additional dimming function, to avoid unnecessary light source, save power, but also at any time to switch multiple visual experience.
Where is the yellow light, and where to set up a white light? Is there some rules?
    According to the spatial attribute, the color temperature is the best, and the color temperature is between 2700 and 6500 K. More bright and clear kitchen, study, bathroom can be used 5000 ~ 6000K white, pay attention to the atmosphere to create a restaurant, bedroom mining 2700 ~ 3000K yellow, but still depends on the owner of the atmosphere and the subjective feelings of the atmosphere. Study needs to be the average, bright and clear white, in order to facilitate the operation, the light source down, with a shade of the direct lighting is better, not from the rear of the chair projection, to avoid causing discomfort shadows, resulting in eye fatigue. The following are the same as the Bathroom space can be in the washstand and shower to strengthen the lighting, to avoid bad sight caused danger, and choose a good waterproof, easy to heat function. The restaurant can be equipped with a more delicious yellow look for food and a new lamp at the bottom of the kitchen countertop, making it safer to use fire and tools.
My family has a high house, the number of square meters is too small, you can use the light to solve it?
    The light source on the wall, the ceiling can effectively produce a visual extension. Down or up the wall to open the "wall" approach, is to let the space to enlarge the recipe, quite suitable for a limited number of square meters home. Light source upright can effectively extend the vision, people have the feeling of rising up the ceiling, the roof of the old house is quite practical.
How do I choose the lighting is not unexpected?
    Clearly define your home style and then select the lamps. Nordic wind lighting are simple colors and lines based. Industrial wind lighting to track lights, searchlights and other metal and iron filled with pieces of material known for. The neo-classical wind is mainly crystal chandelier, highlight the atmosphere, grace atmosphere.
How do I choose the bedroom lighting? What is the difference between the master bedroom and the kids?
    According to the needs of the selection between the color temperature 2700 ~ 4000 K between the lighting. Bedroom to a good rest, the main use of 3000 K can be yellow, but if combined with the study function, then to 3000 ~ 4000 K is better, like a lot of reading, homework children. Children in addition to bedroom lighting, can be equipped with a sufficient degree of light with a reading function.
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